Do you have a member who isn't aware of key business processes? Perhaps they haven't received their invite to your company's Waybook?

To monitor pending member invites, go to the Members page using the top navigation menu on your dashboard and then to Invites using the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

From the main Members view, we'll let you know if you have any pending invitations that have not yet been accepted. This alert should look like this:

If you press this alert, you will automatically be taken to the Invites view or simply select that option in the left-hand menu.

From your Invites page, you can check any pending invitations and make sure the email address is correct, cancel pending invites and even invite new members.

If you're having any trouble inviting new members to your company's Waybook or member's aren't receiving invitations, please feel free to get in touch with support.

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