Waybook allows you to track your teammates progress through key documents and SOPs, so you can make sure they've understood all of the important information integral to them doing their job well.

However, we understand that you may have some documents that are for reference only and assigning members may not be appropriate in those cases. That's why we've given you the option to create documents without member assignment ✨

So, what does this actually mean? We've outlined the difference between an assigned and non-assigned document below...

Assigned documents

Think of these as your 'priority' documents. These documents will appear on your team members' Assigned page and you'll be able to track their progress as they read and mark steps as complete.

Members will be prompted to complete assigned documents on their dashboard and through email reminders.

Non-assigned documents

These documents will only appear in your team members' library and will be available for them to reference. They'll only be to see these documents if they have access to the subject they sit within.

What's next?

  • Want to learn more about assigned documents? You can check out this article to find out what happens when you assign a document to a team member.

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