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What is Linkbook?
What is Linkbook?

Create a repository for your business' knowledge and links with Linkbook

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Organize your business's essential links and resources in one page with Linkbook.

No more asking if anyone has bookmarked something, now just share your Linkbook internally. Or, if you like, make it public to the world!

One link for your entire team ✨

Empower your team to find the answers they need, with easy access to essential resources using one easy link.

With Linkbook, you can centralize your organization's essential links, tools and resources in a single Linkbook, creating the ultimate bookmark!

Public or private, you decide πŸ”’

Create a Linkbook to share far and wide. Add your Linkbook to your social media bios, email signatures and website.

Want to keep your links a secret? Set up a team password so only those with access can login and view your Linkbook page.

Ready to get your business on the same page? Create for own Linkbook for free at today.

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