How to Use the AI Structure Creator

Learn how you can use our Structure Creator to help you improve your document's structure

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Dive into Waybook and discover a tool that crafts the perfect structure for your SOPs in a jiffy. Simply feed it the key information, and watch as it lays down a foundation for you to build.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Head to the AI Writer Section: Simply log in to your Waybook account and head over to the AI Creator section.

  2. Choose 'AI Structure Builder': Once there, you'll notice an option labeled "AI Structure Creator". Give that a click!

  3. Feed it Information: In the prompt area, type in the key points or information you want to build out. Think of this as giving your AI buddy a quick brief.

  4. Let the Magic Happen: Hit 'Submit', and watch as the AI crafts a structured outline for your SOP, tailored to your input.

  5. Refine & Customize: While our AI is pretty nifty, it's always a good idea to give your SOP a personal touch. Edit, tweak, and make it truly yours.

With the AI Structure Creator, say goodbye to SOP-creation jitters and hello to structured perfection. Dive in now and experience the ease!

Value Propositions:

  1. Efficiency Amplified: Cut down the time spent on building SOP structures. Let our AI do the heavy lifting, so you focus on strategizing.

  2. Consistency Achieved: With AI-driven structures, ensure uniformity across all your SOPs, enhancing clarity for your team.

  3. Adaptable & Flexible: The AI Structure Creator molds itself based on the info you provide, making each SOP tailored to your needs.

  4. Continuous Improvement: We've trained our AI on best practices. As it learns more from users like you, it only gets better!

The future is structured, and it's AI-powered. Experience enhanced operational efficiency with the AI Structure Creator, now available on Waybook!


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