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How do I write good SOPs and Waybook Steps?
How do I write good SOPs and Waybook Steps?

Writing clear SOPs and Steps in your Waybook will help you and your team make the most of Waybook - here's how to do it

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In order to increase the chances of your team members interacting with and understanding your Waybook content, we recommend making your Documents and Steps as engaging as possible.

Well-written SOPs, whether written in Waybook or elsewhere, should:

  • Be written concisely

    • We recommend that each Document is no more than one printed page of A4.

  • Use media content to communicate points more clearly

    • We recommend using a screenshot or video to show how to use a software tool, or to demonstrate key information visually.

  • Be precise

    • The instructions shouldn’t leave anything open to interpretation. Err on the side of being overly precise without omitting anything that appears to be obvious.

  • Make use of formatting tools to break up long paragraphs

    • We all know working through big chunks of text can be tough, so use bullet points, lists, headings, and other formatting tools to break up the text into bite-size chunks that are easy to digest.

Remember, you can always contact us if you want some advice on how to best set up, structure, and fill up your Waybook 🙂

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