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Why am I not able to set my subdomain?
Why am I not able to set my subdomain?
Find out more about subdomain restrictions and why you might be having difficulty setting a subdomain for your Waybook.
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To help bring your Waybook fully in-line with your organisation, when creating your Waybook you can set your own subdomain, for example,

To protect Waybook from abuse, some subdomains are banned. These include:

  • Reserved words, for example,

  • Common words, for example, one, two, three

  • Taken words, for example, another company may be using this subdomain already

  • Offensive language

If you receive a message informing you that your chosen subdomain is not available, please choose another subdomain and get in touch with the support team if you continue to receive this message.

What's next?

  • If you're looking to host your Waybook on your company's domain, check out this article to find out more about the process for setting up via CNAME.

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