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What image size and resolution should I use in my Waybook?
What image size and resolution should I use in my Waybook?
Find out the ideal image size and resolution for your Waybook content and custom logos.
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The ideal image size depends on the purpose of your image that you're uploading either for logo or for an image in your Waybook.

For your logo:

We'd recommend a logo size of 60x200 px for your Waybook to have the best size and resolution.

For images in your Waybook:
These can be uploaded any size, ratio and dimensions that you want to display in your Waybook. You can easily drag and drop resize any images when you upload them into your Waybook.

For images in tests and assessments:

While again you an upload and image size we recommend uploading square images 300x300 px.

While there are no limits, We would recommend ensuring your image file sizes are under 5mb to ensure speedy loading for all of your readers.

We'd also recommend considering what the size of the image looks like in the step that you are creating. Consider whether you're looking to create a page with mostly one image that delivers your information or should the image be a nice small addition to complement your messaging.

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