We understand that as your organisation grows your processes will change and some may no longer be relevant. It's easy to remove any outdated SOPs from your Waybook, simply follow these steps:

Deleting Documents

Find the subject, which the document you wish to delete sit within, in the left-hand menu on your Waybook dashboard and make sure you're in edit mode. Press on the subject title, like the one highlighted below.

You'll then see an overview of all the documents within the subject.

To delete a document, just hit the trash can icon that appears next to it, like the one we've highlighted below.

We'll ask you to confirm you really want to delete the document, as you can't undo this action - so make sure it's definitely no longer relevant to your organisation.

Once you confirm, the document will be removed. You can also do this at a subject level, by pressing the trash can icon that appears at the top of the overview, next to the edit toggle.

It really is as simple as that - three clicks and you're all set! ✨

Still have questions about deleting documents and subjects from your Waybook? Reach out to the support team - we're here to help! 😊

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