Restoring deleted documents and steps

Find out more about how you can restore your deleted documents and steps from your trash

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We know that mistakes can happen, but they shouldn't slow you down.

With our trash feature, you can easily keep track of your deleted steps and documents as well as restore deleted content with the click of a button πŸ₯³

In this article, we'll cover deleting steps and also restoring deleted content from your trash.

Restoring deleted content from trash

To delete content from your Waybook, hover over the step or document and open the menu by pressing the '...' icons to the right.

Your content will be automatically moved into your trash and stored for 28 days before we automatically remove it for you.

You will find your trash at the bottom of your left-hand menu.

From your trash page, you can see when the step or document was deleted as well as who deleted it from your Waybook. This makes it really easy to track and query changes made by your teammates.

If you accidentally delete a document or change your mind, simply press the restore icon to pull it back into your Waybook and out of your trash.

Simple as that! ✨

If you ever need any help or need to retrieve a document or step deleted longer than 28 days ago, feel free to reach out to the support team - we're here to help 😊

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