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What file type should logos be uploaded as?
What file type should logos be uploaded as?

When branding your Waybook, follow these best practice tips to make sure your logo looks its best

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You have the power to make your Waybook your own by uploading your logo and brand colors πŸ™Œ

To help you keep your Waybook looking professional and beautifully in line with your company's branding, we've got a few best practice tips to make sure your logo looks its best once uploaded.

Make it transparent

First things first, make sure your first brand color isn't white, as it'll prevent you from being able to read your top navigation menu.

If you're worried about your logo's appearance on Waybook because it has a white background, this tip is going to be super important to you.

Make sure you have your logo saved as a transparent .png. Exporting in this format will remove the white background from your logo and help to ensure it blends seamlessly on your Waybook. You can do this in Photoshop, or there are several online services to help you with this.

Save as a .png

Saving your logo as a .png will help to ensure the image remains high quality and looks its best once uploaded to your Waybook.

Upload your biggest logo

Make sure that your logo is clearly visible by uploading the biggest file you have. At Waybook, we allow you to upload files up to a maximum of 10 MB.

Uploading smaller files may mean your logo isn't clearly visible at the top of your dashboard, and we want to make sure it sits proudly.

It is as simple as that. Just follow our advice and your Waybook should be looking beautiful and clearly yours. If you do have any trouble with this and would like the team to take a look, reach out to support - we're here to help πŸ™‚

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