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Do you have a referral program?
Do you have a referral program?

Find out how you can earn rewards for referring new customers and organizations to Waybook

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Do you love Waybook and want to tell everyone you know about it? ✨

We want to reward you for helping to share Waybook within your network and have launched our free member program to do just that!

You can now create your very own referral code to share with your friends, family, and professional networks and will earn free bonus seats for every person who starts a Waybook plan using your code. Find out more below.

How do I create a referral code?

To get started, open your settings using the top navigation menu and then select Free Members from the options on the left.

To create your first code, simply enter your preferred code where prompted and press the save code button to generate it.

This will automatically generate a referral code for you to share far and wide, earning free seats for your team every time it is used. Simply copy the code using the helpful link highlighted below and get sharing!

We'll add bonus team members to your plan for life - they never expire and will be available to you as long as you're a Waybook customer πŸ™Œ

Please bear in mind that we do not currently have reporting available to you, so if you ever want to check how many free members you've earned feel free to reach out to the team for an update.

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