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Can we create reference-only documents?
Can we create reference-only documents?

Learn more about disabling completion tracking for documents and creating reference-only content

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Since launching Waybook back in 2019, we have loved watching your Waybooks grow far beyond a space for your organization's training and onboarding material and into a repository for all of your business documents and processes.

As part of our mission to help you and your teams find answers to business questions faster and reduce the time it takes to onboard new hires, we've made it easier for your team to see the documents that require completion at a glance.

Documents that require completion - these may be compliance training, onboarding, or other information you need your team to read and understand - will be labeled as required and will show a progress bar.

Your team will also be able to track their progress at a glance using the left menu. Documents that require completion will show a progress wheel and reference-only content will not, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

To make creating content even easier, all documents will require completion by default and you can simply toggle on the reference only setting by heading to your document settings.

Documents set to be reference only will display the following message and will show no progress bar. This content is for your team's reference only and will not count towards their overall completion percentage, displayed on their dashboard.

If you have any questions about reference only content or how to update your document settings on Waybook, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team πŸ™‚

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