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View past documents with Version History
View past documents with Version History

Accessing previously published versions of documents to see changes for compliance and more.

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Version History is designed to enhance compliance and empower you to review past versions of your Waybook documents effortlessly. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to access and leverage this powerful feature, ensuring you make the most of your Waybook experience.

Version History is part of our Pro plan. Want to see other features and learn about how to upgrade today you can here.

Access Version History:

To access Version History, please make sure that your edit toggle is on. Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the document and select it.

  2. Navigate to the "Settings" button then select "Version History".

  3. Select "Versions", here you get a list of all the previous versions of this document.

  4. Click on "Compare" of the past version you wish to view to access the Full Version History.

  5. Here navigate through the steps and see the changes compared to two different versions.

Exploring Full Version History:

Once you've accessed Full Version History, you'll enjoy a range of benefits to streamline your compliance process:

  • Download past versions as PDF: Take advantage of the ability to download any previous version of your document as a PDF. This is essential for compliance purposes, allowing you to keep a record of your document's history.

  • Detailed version comparison: Easily compare different versions of your Waybook document, highlighting changes and modifications with color-coded highlights. Dive into specific modifications, such as text additions, deletions, and formatting changes, to gain detailed insights into the evolution of your content.

  • Effortless navigation: Seamlessly switch between previous versions of your document to compare multiple iterations. This functionality simplifies the review process, enabling you to track changes and maintain accurate documentation.

Unlock the Benefits of Pro Full Version History:

By leveraging Full Version History, you can achieve the following benefits:

  1. Compliance assistance: Ensure your Waybook documents meet compliance requirements by reviewing and monitoring changes throughout their lifecycle. The ability to download past versions as PDFs allows you to maintain a comprehensive record for compliance purposes.

  2. Enhanced collaboration: Facilitate efficient collaboration among team members by quickly identifying and understanding document revisions. The visual representation of changes fosters effective communication and streamlines the collaborative editing process.

  3. Time-saving efficiency: Save valuable time by efficiently reviewing and approving document modifications. With Full Version History, you can eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth exchanges, accelerating your workflow and enhancing productivity.

With Full Version History, Waybook provides you with a powerful tool to ensure compliance, streamline collaboration, and improve efficiency. Start exploring this feature today with a Pro account and leverage the insights it offers to drive excellence within your team. Embrace the power of Full Version History and take your Waybook experience to new heights!

Please be aware that we will only store the past published version for our current Pro users. If you wish to upgrade we will begin to store your Full Versions History from when you sign up to Pro.

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