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December 2023

Learn more about the improvements and new features launched to Waybook in December 2023

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We have some exciting new releases and some sneak peeks at what's coming up in the next couple of weeks in this month's product update.

Here's a look at this month's product update πŸ‘‡

Ask in Reports

Want to know what questions your team is asking to Ask? Now you can see it within Reports. You can even toggle on just the 'poor' rated answers to ensure that your SOPs are current. This feature will ensure that you know the questions your team is asking and ensure they are receiving helpful responses to ensure clarity and streamline your processes.

Feedback Notifications

Waybook allows users to provide feedback on documents or steps within the platform. This feature will also automatically notify the document owners of any feedback left. This ensures it is easy to address and incorporate their feedback.

Updates to Microsoft Teams

Users can now add customizations to Waybook within Microsoft Teams. If you would like to change the logo or name to encourage cohesion across your team now you can. We have also allowed you to link directly to a step instead of the first part of a document.

QR for Steps

Need a QR code for a direct step within Waybook? This feature will make it possible. It is now more convenient to access specific information or instructions quickly, whether it's for training or process guidance.

AI Test

Want to make a test to ensure people have understood the knowledge but are short on time? Here at Waybook, we know how important creating tests is and we want to make writing them a breeze! Our mission is to help you create tests effortlessly while ensuring that you feel supported every step of the way. Waybook's AI Test creation is designed to make your testing process more efficient and effective, allowing you to deliver high-quality tests in no time.

Waybook Mobile App

Are you always on the go? Need access to your Waybook documents from the palm of your hand? Well, you're in luck! Waybook offers a convenient Mobile App to keep your training and documentation right at your fingertips.

Editing Improvements

Waybook is enhancing its editing capabilities. No longer will you have to do multiple clicks to add embeds to your Waybook. We have also incorporated color into call-out boxes. We have updated Publishing. You can leave any further information about why changes have been made to an SOP. This will make content creation and customization more user-friendly and visually appealing.

We are working on new and exciting features to help you manage changes made to your content in Waybook. If there is an update you're particularly eager to see, we'd love to hear from you - share your requests with the support team today.

Stay updated on what the product team is working on by checking out our public roadmap and keep your feature requests coming - we love to hear them!

You can also join us on the second Wednesday of every month for our monthly Product Update Webinar, where we'll dive deeper into the features recently launched and share best practice tips 😊

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