May 2024

Learn more about the improvements and new features launched to Waybook in May 2024

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We have some exciting new releases and some sneak peeks at what's coming up in the next couple of weeks in this month's product update.

Here's a look at this month's product update πŸ‘‡

Interface Optimization

We have been working hard to improve the editor experience of Waybook. We are excited to show you our new update to support better use, some name changes, and provide room for a new feature.

Collaboration in Waybook

When editing content with another you might find yourself both on the step. Before you would have had to wait for one person to leave or take control from them, now you can work together. You can now take control of a step from another editor, get an updated view, and make changes as needed. Once you are done the other editor can regain control and the editing continues.

Audit Log Improvements

We have improved the Audit Log to allow you to select multiple users or actions to provide better reports. This update should allow for a more complete overview of actions taken within Waybook.

Undo AI Document Creator

With the increased use of AI, we want to ensure that you can always get the best answer possible. The addition of the undo allows you to go back to a previous rendition of your answer and apply it if preferred. Now when you request an update to the content and are unhappy with the change you can revert allowing for more control with your AI.

CSV of Members

If you need to review all of the members that you have within your Waybook account you can easily download the list as a CSV. This addition will allow for more accessibility over who has access to our account making it even easier to know if anyone is missing from the account.

Document Manager updates

As Document Manager becomes more popular, we have added a few quick filters to better support it. These filters will allow you to easily update documents that are pending review or verification, or manage documents that you own or were recently created.

Word Importer at Subject

Import Word documents have grown and we wanted to support you in getting all your information into Waybook even quicker. Now you can easily add a Word Document at a subject level. From there you can continue to edit the document into steps or make it more engaging with images, videos, or color.


We are so excited to release Notes! A place for you to store your thoughts and ideas for new procedures before they are ready to be a document. With Notes, you can easily tag and color code your thoughts and share them with the team as a document when ready.

This new feature will allow you to ensure that all of your ideas can live in one central location, Waybook.

Stay updated on what the product team is working on by checking out our public roadmap and keep your feature requests coming - we love to hear them!

You can also join us on the second Wednesday of every month for our monthly Product Update Webinar, where we'll dive deeper into the features recently launched and share best practice tips 😊

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