When a document is updated and published in Waybook, we'll ask you if you want to notify all assigned team members of the change.

If your update is just a small change - for example, you’ve corrected a small error or typo - and you don’t want to reset progress on updates steps, you can hit 'No, it’s only a small change' and we'll just publish the changes with no further action.

However, if you’ve made a major update and want to ensure everyone who is required to complete that document receives a notification, click 'Yes, notify assigned members'. This will ensure all assigned members receive an email alerting them of the update, so they can log in and check the changes.

This will also reset their progress on the document so that when they log into Waybook, they will see the updated steps that require completion again.

Where you have updated a document to be reference-only, we'll remind you that your team won't be notified of changes by email, but you will still have the option to reset progress on all updated steps.

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