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How do I find my way around the Documents view?
How do I find my way around the Documents view?

View all documents within a subject, switch them to drafts, and quickly publish any changes made from your Documents view

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Whether you're looking to quickly make changes to all documents within a subject, change who can access them, or simply focus on viewing documents within a particular subject, your Documents view is the place to go.

Simply select the subject you want to view in the left-hand menu and you'll see the page highlighted below:

From this view, you can easily set live any unpublished changes and notify members of updates to documents.

You are also able to move published documents back to drafts and remove them from your team members' read view - once published again, the documents will reappear for them.

You can also get a glimpse of how many members have access to each document. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to making sure everyone that should have access is able to access the document.

You can toggle between edit and read modes using the switch in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard. This will change your view and you can find out more about the Documents view in reading mode here.

To the right of the Edit switch, you can move between your Access, Settings and Reports views:

From the Access view, you can give member groups access to your content as well as individual team members, overriding your group permissions.

From the Settings view, if you are a Waybook Pro user, you can update your public sharing settings, generating a short link or QR code to give people outside of your Waybook team access to this content.

From the Reports view, you can get an overview of how many times your team members have viewed the subject, when they last viewed the subject, how many documents within the subject they have completed, and their overall progress.

This view is crucial for ensuring your team has engaged with and understood the documents essential to their role within your organization.

Reading Documents

Similarly to your incomplete documents view, here you can get a quick overview of how many steps each document contains as well as your progress within a specific document and whether any documents have due dates set.

If you aren't seeing a document you know you should have access to, reach out to your team's admin to make sure it has been published or assigned to you.

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