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Are keyboard shortcuts supported in Waybook?
Are keyboard shortcuts supported in Waybook?
Find out more about standard keyboard shortcuts, as well as how to open your emoji keyboard and add links.
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At Waybook we want to help you create incredible content for your team members in the most efficient way possible, so are pleased to support a number of really handy keyboard shortcuts ✨

Here are some of our favourite keyboard shortcuts, for Mac and Windows...



Copy text

⌘ + c

Ctrl + c

Cut text

⌘ + x

Ctrl + x

Paste text

⌘ + v

Ctrl + v

Add link to text

⌘ + k

Ctrl + k

Open emoji keyboard

⌘ + control + space

Windows button + .

Select all text

⌘ + a

Ctrl + a

Highlight text

alt + shift + ←/→

shift + ←/→


⌘ + z

Ctrl + z


⌘ + shift + z

Ctrl + y

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