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Can I add emojis to our Waybook steps?
Can I add emojis to our Waybook steps?

Find out more about adding emojis in Waybook, including our favourite keyboard shortcut ever!

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Emojis are an easy (and often underrated) way to make your Waybook content fun and engaging for your team members, so we recommend using them and support them in a couple of ways.

Find out more about how to insert emojis into your steps below.

Using our text editor

Hovering over the section of text you'd like to add emojis to will reveal your editing menu - which you'll remember if you've already read this article - and you'll find the option to add emojis.

Choose from a full keyboard of emojis and refer back to your most frequently used emojis to create engaging bullet points or just add a little levity to your content.

Copy & paste from the web

If you use an online emoji catalog, like Get Emoji or Emojipedia, you can easily copy and paste emojis into your content from there. Either right-click or use the paste keyboard shortcut (either ⌘ + v or Ctrl + v) to add emojis to steps.

Our favorite keyboard shortcut ✨

Let us tell you a secret...

You can open your full emoji keyboard with a simple keyboard shortcut! At this point it's muscle memory within the Waybook team - this shortcut supercharged the speed at which we create steps x10.

What's more, it isn't exclusive to Mac users - yes Windows lovers, you're covered too!

For Mac: Press ⌘ + control + space

For Windows: Press the Windows logo key + . (period)

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