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Find out more about Waybook's powerful free screen recorder for Google Chrome

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We know that it's often easier to communicate your processes visually, especially when explaining how to use tools within your organization's tech stack. That's why we developed Waybook Record - the most powerful screen recorder for Chrome ✨

Capture a single window or your entire screen. Film yourself narrating at the same time as you record your screen. Trim and edit your videos before downloading them, so they're ready to be shared.

The best part - it's entirely free of charge πŸ™Œ

Download Waybook Record today by following this link.

How do I add Waybook Record to my Waybook?

Have you created a recording and would like to add it to your Waybook to ensure everyone can see it? Follow these steps:

  1. Once you have finished editing your recording download it.

  2. Navigate to the step where you would like it to live within Waybook.

  3. Select "Attach File" and find the recording you want to be added.

  4. Make any other changes needed to the step then publish to allow others to access the recording.

If you would like help please reach out to our friendly support team they are on hand if you need it.

What's next?

  • We're pleased to support a number of video embed sources and the list is still growing. Find out where you can embed videos from in this article.

  • Already using Tango to capture your team's processes visually? Good news! You can import processes captured in Tango directly into your Waybook. Find out how here.

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