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Is Waybook available in multiple languages?
Is Waybook available in multiple languages?
You are able to create Waybook content in your native language, but our core navigation will remain in English.
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We're proud to support organisation's all over the world and understand that English may not be your team's native language. To help you communicate your SOPs and guidelines effectively, you are able to create your Waybook content in your native language ✨

Does this include right to left reading languages, we hear you ask?

We are not currently set up to detect and format right to left reading languages (such as Arabic, for example), but you can right justify your content as an effective workaround.

Will this also update the navigation text to our language?

Unfortunately not. Your navigation text will still be displayed in English, as will any communications sent by the Waybook team, including error messages and other warnings.

If full multi-lingual support is something you and your team needs, feel free to get in touch with the team and we'll pass your request on to our product team to consider πŸ™‚

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