What is a member?
The term 'member' refers to anyone with accesss to your Waybook. Find out more about members and permissions here.
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At Waybook, the term 'member' refers to anyone with access to your organization's Waybook regardless of their permissions level.

All members will get access to your organization's branded dashboard, will have their own unique permissions, and will be able to track their progress through assigned documents or review any members they manage, depending on their role.

Members can have a variety of permissions, which we'll explore briefly in this article.

What is a member?

Whether they're a manager or junior employee, the term 'member' refers to anyone that has access to your Waybook.

Members are what your plan price is based on and, as your team evolves, you may change your member limit or simply edit who is a member of your organization's Waybook and can log in.

What permissions can members have?

There are a number of different ways to set permissions within Waybook, but we're going to focus on member roles in this article.

Your members can have read-only access or can be given permission to make changes to your Waybook content and settings. Here's a brief overview of how the options for your members:

  • Reader - read-only access, cannot make changes to your Waybook.

  • Admin - can make changes to your Waybook content and settings.

  • Manager - can make changes to your Waybook content and members.

  • Author - can create new subjects and documents in your Waybook.

  • Contributor - can create new documents within subjects they have access to.

You'll find an in-depth outline of how permissions work in Waybook in this article and can always reach out to our support team with any questions.

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