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Building your Waybook
Best practice tips for getting started
Best practice tips for getting started
Here are some helpful hints and tips to make building your Waybook even easier
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At Waybook, our mission is to help you and your team get your business on the same page and to help you get there faster, we've got some best practice tips for you and your team πŸ‘‡

Set up for success πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

  • Make sure you use Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

  • Try to close documents and steps when you've finished working on them, so someone else can jump in.

  • Check with your team before taking over editing a step to make sure everyone's work is saved correctly.

  • Wait until your changes have been saved before moving on to work on the next step, to ensure your hard work isn't lost.

  • If you're a member of multiple Waybook teams, use the same email address to make toggling between your teams easier.

Getting started on Waybook πŸ“š

  • Before you start adding content to your Waybook, we recommend you do the following:

    • Design or ask for an organisation chart showing how your company is organised into teams - this will make creating member groups a breeze!

    • List all of the activities your business or department takes part in - we're talking suppliers, customers, HR, fulfilment, finance, legal etc.

    • Find your existing documentation and process outlines - this should be the first content you add to your Waybook.

  • Invite a collaborator to help you build your Waybook.

  • Prepopulate your Waybook with a template structure, giving you the foundations to start adding your existing processes and documenting new ones.

  • Set up your member groups, based on your organisation chart, to streamline content assignment when inviting new team members.

  • Use the edit toggle to switch between editing and previewing content as a reader.

What's next?

  • Schedule a free coaching call with one of our process experts. They'll take the time to understand your organisation's needs, answer your burning questions and get you set up for success.

  • Take a look around our help centre (specifically this collection) for more information on all of the features and functionality available in Waybook.

  • Introduce yourself to the support team - we're here to answer your questions, share our process expertise and act as your voice in all roadmap meetings πŸ™‚

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