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What’s the best way to build out my company’s Waybook?
What’s the best way to build out my company’s Waybook?
Three things to think about when you start building your Waybook.
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Before you start building out your Waybook, there are three things we recommend you think about:

  1. Make or ask for an organization chart showing how your company is organized into teams

  2. List out all of the activities your business or department takes part in. Think about suppliers, customers, fulfillment, finance, legal, and HR streams.

  3. Existing documentation and process outlines

You can use your organizational chart (org chart) and list of activities to structure your Waybook into subjects. You can either create one subject per team in your organization chart or per group of activities.

Each activity performed across your department or organization should have a corresponding document within your Waybook.

This should give you a clear idea of the different areas of the business you need to document. You can use existing documentation to quickly fill out the content within this structure. Content from existing documents can be easily copied and pasted into Waybook - it’s seamless to paste from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or even emails.

Now that you have the structure, decide who the appropriate person is to complete the content - known within Waybook as the steps - for each document. Invite them to Waybook and give them permission to publish documents relevant to their role or the department for which they are responsible.

This can sometimes be daunting and there are a number of ways we can help you. We can put our existing documents and subject structures or even templates straight into your Waybook to make the whole process easier.

Contact us if you would like more information on this - we're here to help 🙂

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