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Import content from Word Documents
Import content from Word Documents

Upload your existing documentation into Waybook using our Word Document Importer

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As part of our mission to help get your business on the same page, we're excited to launch our Word Document Importer to help you create a central source of truth for your business with ease ✨

With our Word Document Importer, you can import your existing documentation into Waybook and easily split your content into steps, significantly cutting down the time it takes to build your business' playbook.

How to use the Word Document Importer

  1. From the New Step menu, select Import.

  2. Select Word Document (.docx) from the list of options.

  3. Upload a document either by selecting it from one of the available sources or by dragging it onto the uploader.

  4. Go ahead and edit the document within your Waybook, using the split step to break large documents down into multiple steps.

When you're happy with the document, publish it for your team to see ✨

Currently, our Word Document Importer does not support importing images or content nested in tables within your documents, but we are working quickly to update it to allow you to import complete documents with ease.

If you notice any limitations or have suggestions for updates, please contact the support team - we love hearing from you πŸ™‚

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