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Organizing your content

Here are some of our recommendations for effectively organising your content in Waybook

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The key to great business documentation and creating SOPs that your team will engage with and remember is having a clear structure.

Whether you're extracting large blocks of text from existing documents or are outlining your business processes for the first time, spending some time laying out the structure first can really help to focus your thinking and make creating content in your Waybook a breeze.

In this article, we'll outline our best practice suggestions for structuring your Categories, Subjects, and Documents before you start adding to your Steps.

💡 Tips: Check out this article in our help center for a refresher course on our best practice advice for structuring your Waybook content.

We've worked to make it easy for you to lay down the structure by allowing you to do so from the left-hand menu. However, we will touch on how you can do this from your editor view as well.

Organizing your content in Waybook

To get started hit the Add New button, highlighted below, and select a new subject:

Now, go ahead and name your subject and set an icon, so it's easily identified in your growing list of subjects. Next, you'll see the option to create a document from within your subject view.

By pressing the subject name in your left-hand menu, you'll be able to come back to this view, but we're going to focus on quickly setting out the structure of your subject from within your left menu.

Find the subject you're working on in your left menu and press the + icon to add a new document, then give your document a title. Continue this process until you're happy with the structure of this subject. You can also add a description for this subject.

Now you've got the documents outlined that make up your subject, you can start dropping in step titles ready for your team to add content.

To lay out the structure of each of your documents, select one of the documents you have just created. We recommend starting at the beginning, especially if this is the first time you've outlined this process or set of processes.

We'll automatically create an untitled step within your document, so you can go ahead and rename this making it your first step. Next, go ahead and create more steps by pressing the link highlighted below.

Make sure you add a title to each step so it's easier for your team to start adding content later. Repeat this process for each of the documents within your subject, until you're happy with the overall structure and are ready to tag in some collaborators.

Once you're finished adding steps to your documents, you have successfully drafted the structure of a subject - go you! 🙌

Armed with a strong structure for your Categories, Subjects, and Documents, importing content from existing documents and having your team collaborate on creating new SOPs will be a breeze.

However, If you do need any further advice or support from the team, don't forget you can schedule a free product coaching call 🙂

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