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Level up your organisation game on Waybook with categories

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You've mastered structuring your SOPs and your Waybook is growing, so now you're looking for new ways to arrange this content - enter Waybook Categories ✨

With categories, you can further organize your content into sections making it even easier for your team to navigate your policies and processes within Waybook. Even better, it will take a matter of moments to set up! 🥳

How to get organized with categories

While in edit mode, press the Add New button at the bottom of your list of subjects and select Add New Category ⬇️

Create your category - this could be to reflect a particular department or your business, or perhaps to separate your compliance content from reference material.

Once your category has been created, you can either drag and drop subjects into it or press hover over the subject you want to mode and press ... to open the menu to move it from your library or even between categories.

Repeat this process and organize your content into as many categories as you require. As always, feel free to get in touch with the team if you have any questions 😊

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