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Here is everything you need to know about managing your team members and member groups in Waybook

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As your business grows, and your Waybook along with it, member groups will become your best friend when managing your team.

Member groups are important for streamlining the assignment of subjects and can help to make progress reporting easier too.

While we totally understand you want to dive straight into adding content to your Waybook, we recommend spending a little time setting up your member groups so you can assign as you publish ✨

This article will cover some of our best practice tips for managing your team with member groups with real examples to inspire you.

First, what exactly is a member group?

Member groups should reflect the departments that make up your business, to keep your team members organized and make assigning subjects a breeze!

We will automatically create a group for Everyone, but as you can see from this example, your member groups should follow the logical breakdown of the business' team and departments.

To create a member group, follow these steps:

  1. From your Members page, press the Create New Group button

  2. Set a group name - this should be the department or team name

  3. Set a group description - this will help others to understand who the group refers to when adding future members

  4. Hit the Create Group button

  5. Go ahead and assign members to the group if they've already joined your Waybook team

  6. Start assigning subjects to the group, so any new members will immediately have access to the documentation and processes relevant to their role

You can change the group's name or description at any time by editing a group from the Groups page of your member settings.

And just like that, you've just created your first member group on Waybook 🥳

What's next?

  • Want to learn more about how permissions and member roles are broken down in Waybook? Head over to this article for a comprehensive guide on permissions.

  • Don't forget, the Waybook success team is on hand to help you discover the best group setup for your organization. Reach out to them if you have any questions either by email or by pressing the chat bubble down there 👉

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