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Build pathways for your team with Flows
Build pathways for your team with Flows

Learn more about how you can direct your team through onboarding and learning flows in Waybook

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We're excited to introduce you to Flows in Waybook ✨

Direct your team members through your content by creating specific pathways for onboarding, learning, and more using your documents.

How to create a Flow

To create a pathway for your team members, follow these steps:

  1. In edit mode, select Flows in the left-hand menu

  2. Press the + Create Flow button in the top-right corner

  3. Give your Flow a name and add a brief description for your team

  4. Add documents to your Flow and rearrange them into the order you want your team to complete them in

  5. Make sure all of your documents are published so they're visible to your team

  6. Go to your Flow's access settings and add member groups or specific members

  7. When you're ready, activate your Flow and share it with your team

Setting a deadline on a Flow

You can set due dates on all of your Waybook documents, including your Flows. To set the cadence for your team to work through your Flows, follow these steps:

  1. In your Flow Builder, open the Flow you want to update

  2. Turn on the Enabled Deadlines setting

  3. Set how many days, months, or years your team members have to complete each document within the Flow once they have access to it

    • You can use the arrows to bulk-update deadlines above and below a document within the list

We'll automatically save these changes and apply them to all team members with access to this Flow in your Waybook.

Enabling Forced Order

You can also ensure that people are following the set order of the Flow by enabling forced order.

  1. Open the Flow you want to update within the Flow Builder

  2. Toggle on the Forced Order

  3. Once on members will have to navigate through the Flow in order and will not be allowed to jump ahead or skip uncompleted documents.

If you have any questions about creating a Flow or need some support, get in touch with the Waybook success team today

What's next?

  • Interested in finding out what's coming to Waybook next? Check out our public roadmap and get in touch with the success team with your feature requests.

  • Join us every month for our product update webinar to find out what has been released to Waybook and what's coming soon. Register for the webinar here.

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