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Managing seats efficiently by archiving members in Waybook and ensuring your member's list is up to date.

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As your team grows and evolves, managing the number of seats on your Waybook becomes crucial, especially when dealing with temporary workers or staff turnover.

In this article, we will explore the archiving feature in Waybook, providing step-by-step instructions on how to use it effectively and outlining the benefits it brings to your organization.

Using the Archiving Feature:

To be able to archive members follow these steps:

  1. Accessing the Members Section: To begin archiving users, navigate to the top of your Waybook screen and click on the "Members" button.

  2. Locating the User: Once you're in the Members section, you have two options for finding the user you want to archive. You can either search for their name using the search bar or manually scroll down the list until you find them.

  3. Archiving the User: Once you have located the user, click into them and scroll down to the bottom of their page and click "Archive User Name".

Benefits of Benefits

  1. Efficient Seat Management: By archiving users who are no longer with your organization, you can reclaim valuable seats on your Waybook. This ensures that only active members occupy your available slots, allowing you to optimize your usage efficiently.

  2. Preserving Work History: Archiving a member does not mean losing their contributions. Waybook retains a record of their work and contributions, allowing you to access and reference their past content when needed. This ensures a seamless transition for new team members who may need to revisit archived user content.

  3. Flexibility to Unarchive: In the event that an archived member returns to your organization, you have the option to unarchive them. By doing so, you can easily reinstate their access and pick up right where they left off, without the need to recreate or transfer their content.

By archiving members in Waybook, managing seats and optimizing your team's access becomes a breeze. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can archive and unarchive users as needed, ensuring efficient seat utilization and preserving valuable work history. Take advantage of this powerful feature to keep your Waybook organized and your team aligned.

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