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What is the best way to set up and structure my Waybook?
What is the best way to set up and structure my Waybook?

You should structure your Waybook to reflect your team and the key activities it performs.

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Waybook makes it simple to have all of your documents, processes, and key activity instructions and knowledge in one place.

Your Waybook content is structured into subjects (a department or area of focus - e.g. user acquisition or finance), documents (an activity - e.g. paid social), and steps (a breakdown of what's required to complete an activity).

This structure of your Waybook should match your organization's teams and departments. You can set your teammates' permissions by assigning subject permissions, so they can only access the documents they need to do their jobs.

Set your managers and senior employees' member roles to give them access to edit your Waybook, so only specific people can update processes and docs. Think about Waybook permissions giving the right people access to the right information for their role at any time.

Once your Waybook is set up, you will see how much of each document, subject or test each member of your company has completed in the Reports tab. You can read more on how to download reports for documents and tests here.

What's next?

  • Now you've familiarized yourself with structuring your Waybook content, find out more about member roles and subject permissions.

  • If you still have questions about how to best structure your company's content in Waybook, reach out to the support team and we'll be happy to advise 🙂

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