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GIFs are a really easy and effective way to make your SOPs more engaging and enjoyable for your team to work through

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"SOPs and processes should always be super serious."

We recommend breaking up chunks of text and working to make your documents as engaging as possible. Not only will this make sure your documents are enjoyable to work through, but it can also increase your team's knowledge retention.

GIFs are a really easy way to bring some levity to steps, making documents more engaging and a pleasure for your team to work through.

Adding GIFs to steps

There are a couple of ways you can add GIFs to your document steps, we're going to walk you through them both:

Upload a saved GIF

If you already have your chosen GIF saved to your device or cloud storage, follow these steps:

  1. Select 'insert image' using our editor menu

  2. Choose your upload source, whether it's saved to your device or cloud storage

  3. Select the GIF and upload

Simple! ✨

Upload a GIF from Giphy

If you're looking to upload directly from Giphy or similar, follow these steps:

  1. Open the GIF and press 'copy link'

  2. Find the GIF link (make sure it's in full and not a shortened version)

  3. Go back to Waybook, select 'insert image' using our editor menu

  4. Choose to upload using a link and past the copied link when prompted

To make sure your GIFs load quickly and are readable to all team members, we recommend you upload files that are a maximum of 1MB in size. For larger files, you can either compress them using this tool or upload them as a video instead.

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