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Learn how to set up actions in ClickUp using Waybook templates in Zapier

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Using Zapier, you can set up thousands of integrations with Waybook, including automating actions in ClickUp.

In this article, we'll cover the basic steps to set up automations between Waybook and ClickUp, as well as cover all of the possible actions you can perform in ClickUp using Zapier.

How to connect Waybook and ClickUp

First things first, you'll need to set up your trigger by following the steps outlined in our introduction to Zapier here.

Once you've set up your trigger, you're ready to start setting up your action event.

There are thousands of apps you can connect Waybook with via Zapier, search for ClickUp and select it from the list of results to start creating your Zap.

There are a number of action events you can set up with ClickUp including:

  • Create Task

  • Create List

  • Create Folder

  • Post a Task Comment

  • Post Attachment

  • New Checklist

  • Time Tracked

  • Create Subtask

Once you've selected your action event, follow Zapier's guidance to set up your action and make sure to test it before setting it live.

When you're happy everything is working, turn that Zap on! 🎉

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