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Learn more about document verification on Waybook and how you can use this function to ensure your knowledge and processes are up-to-date
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As your business evolves, we understand the importance of ensuring the information you share with your team is accurate and up-to-date. That's why we're excited to now support Document Verification ✨

There are a number of different ways your team might choose to use document verification, here are some of the ways we've been using it:

  • Ensuring compliance documents are accurate

  • Delegating content creation that requires management sign-off

  • Making sure frequently updated processes are fresh, with date reset

We're really excited for you to start using this functionality within your own teams and learning more about your applications.

Document Verification is available to all users with a Waybook Pro plan. If you'd like to find out more about upgrading, get in touch with the support team 😊

Keep reading to find out how you can enable document verification for your Waybook content, how to keep check of content freshness, and more.

How do we turn document verification on?

To enable document verification, head to the document settings for the content you want a member of your team to verify.

Once enabled, you will need to select a member of your team to be responsible for checking and verifying the document every time it is published.

If changes are made to a document, verification will be revoked until it has been reviewed and approved by the chosen team member.

Once a document has been verified, it will be clearly marked so your team can rest assured that the information is up to date.

Can we set a date for the document to be reviewed?

The eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted the Date Reset toggle in the screenshots above. This function allows you to set a date for your document to be re-reviewed by the delegated team member.

Once you toggle on this feature, you'll be asked to set a date for the next review of this document and then leave the rest to us!

We'll notify your team, as part of their weekly summary, if there are any documents awaiting verification and will revoke verification in the meantime.

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