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Find out more about how to create checklists for your team in Waybook

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Not only can your team see their progress as they complete steps within your Waybook content, but you can also create checklists within steps for them to complete and repeat.

Checklist progress is saved to each user's device, so won't disrupt the rest of your team and everyone can work through checklists at their own pace.

Keep reading to find out how to create checklists on Waybook.

Creating Check Lists

Waybook checklists are a great way to help your team keep track of specific actions within a process and, as they're saved to each user's device, they're able to work through them at their own pace.

To create a checklist follow these steps:

  1. Either add a step or open the step where you want the checklist

  2. Using the editor menu, select Checklist from the available options

  3. Add the first item to your checklist and press enter to continue the list

Once published, your readers will be able to check list items off for their personal reference. Please bear in mind you will not be able to report on their progress through checklists and checked items are saved to the user's device.

In order to clear the checked items, simply uncheck the items and start again.

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