July 2022

Learn more about the improvements and new features launched to Waybook in July 2022

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This month, by popular demand, we are excited to be bringing back our monthly Waybook product update webinars πŸ™Œ

You can still take a look at what we've released in the last month in this article, but you can also join our co-founder, Mike Bandar, as he takes you on a tour of our latest new features and updates:

Let's kick things off and take a look at what's new at Waybook πŸ‘‡

Submit for review

We have loved watching your teams grow and seeing you work together to build a central source of truth for your organisation. In response to your feedback, we're excited to announce that team members can now submit content for review.

Anyone with access to edit your Waybook subjects and documents will now be given the option to submit a change or new step for review, selecting a team member with publish access and triggering an automatic notification.

New embed sources ✨

Your requests keep coming, so we'll keep adding more embed sources to Waybook.

This month, we have added support for πŸ‘‡

  • Picvario

  • Hubspot Forms

If you can't find information on a specific tool, reach out to support and we'll pass your request on to our product team.

Hide subjects with no access

As your Waybook content expands to cover all areas of your business, we understand the importance of making sure it's clear to your readers and other team members which content is essential to them.

Following your feedback, we're pleased to say that any subjects your readers do not have access to will be hidden from their left-hand navigation. This means a cleaner overview of their content and should help them to start training even faster.

Structure builder

After temporarily removing this, we're pleased to be introducing our new and improved skeleton structure builder.

While this update is primarily for new Waybook users, we wanted to give everyone access to the new structure builder, in case you're looking to expand your Waybook content across the entire business and are looking for inspiration.

You can access the new skeleton structure builder by following this link.

Stay updated on what the product team are working on by checking out our public roadmap and keep your feature requests coming - we love to hear them!

You can also join us on the second Wednesday of every month for our monthly Product Update Webinar, where we'll dive deeper into the features recently launched and share best practice tips 😊


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