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Using keywords in Waybook steps
Using keywords in Waybook steps

Learn more about using keywords in your Waybook steps to help your team find answers in embedded content and more

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Adding keywords to your Waybook steps can enhance your team's experience and make it easier for them to find answers to their questions within your Waybook.

For any Waybook documents predominantly made up of embedded content, including images, videos, and PDFs, keywords can help to ensure your team members find what they're looking for when utilizing Waybook's search function.

We recommend using callout boxes when adding keywords to your Waybook steps, as shown in the example below πŸ‘‡

Whether you're working to categorize your content or simply make your embedded content easier for your team to find, keywords are a great way to achieve this.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a coaching call with one of our process experts, get in touch with the Waybook success team today.

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