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Easily resend invites to new users in Waybook by following these steps

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With our Resend Invite, admins can now effortlessly resend invites to new users who might have missed their initial invitations. This means no more worrying about users being left out – everyone can access Waybook and dive into the knowledge hub.

Accessing Resend Invites:

To access the Resend follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Members" tab.

  2. Look for the team member you wish to resend the invite.

  3. 12 hours following the initial invite email, you'll notice the "Resend" option next to their name.

  4. Click on "Resend," and voilà! The user will receive a fresh invitation email, welcoming them to Waybook.

Best Practices for Using Resend Invite:

Below is a list of best practices and things to remember when using this feature.

  1. The Resend Invite is accessible only 12 hours after the initial invite has been sent. Before this timeframe, the option will not be visible.

  2. Check the email address to ensure that you have entered it correctly before resending.

  3. This feature is only accessible for users who have not been able to activate their accounts and will not work for users who have logged in before.

  4. If following the resend a user still can not find the email please contact support.

With the Resend, managing user onboarding has never been easier! We give you the power to resend invites and have more control over managing your users. Happy onboarding!

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