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December 2021

Learn more about the improvements and new features launched to Waybook this month

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We love moving fast in making Waybook the best tool for our users.

You can always keep track of what we're working on by visiting our public roadmap, but here's a round up of some of the updates we've launched this month ↓

Send To Trash πŸ—‘

Mistakes happen, but they shouldn't slow you down in Waybook.

Now, every time you delete a step, document or subject, we'll store it in your trash so you can easily restore it if ever you need to do so.

Hidden Steps

Don't let incomplete steps prevent you from getting your team moving.

If you're still working on a couple of steps but are ready to share the rest of your document with your readers, use our hide feature to prevent them from accessing any 'in progress' content.

Duplicate Steps

In the spirit of helping you prepare your Waybook for the rest of your team, you can now duplicate steps.

Whether you've created a template step to be reused in the future or your processes vary slightly based on your teams' location, duplicating your steps and documents can help speed up content creation in Waybook.

View Document History πŸ“š

Need to see how your documents and steps have changed?

With our new History view, you can see who made changes to documents and steps, when they were last updated and also compare versions. What's more, if changes were made in error, you can revert back to an earlier version with the click of a button.

Stay updated on what the product team are working on by checking out our public roadmap and keep your feature requests coming - we love to hear them!

You can also search the rest of the help centre for feature guidance and best practice tips, or feel free to reach out to the support team 😊

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